Roll, Soar, Repeat: Your Local Stop for Quality Cannabis in Greenville

Meet SOAR Dispensary, Greenville’s fun-filled corner of all-green delights. Ready to raise your spirits even higher than the Mississippi River! Yes, folks, we’re soaring over Leland and Metcalfe, and even offering our botanical blessings to the good people of Elizabeth.

Tired of whispering ‘Dispensary near me’ into your phone late at night, or scouting for ‘Cannabis near me’ with nothing but your faith in mother nature to guide you? Well, you can lay your weary heads to rest, and no, it’s not because you’ve had one brownie too many.

Whether you’re a medical patient in search of relief or a connoisseur ticking off your ‘been there, done that’ cannabis bucket list, we’ve got you covered. With only the finest strains of medical cannabis sourced from across the globe, SOAR Dispensary is your one-stop oasis for all things green.

Do you partake for pain, stress, or just for the giggles? At SOAR, we respect every preference and even inspire a few new ones — because every day is a good day for high times. So come on down. We’re here, we’re near. Ready to help you SOAR.